My own collection

My own collection

torsdag 28 augusti 2014

Better picture of Linköping 83 poster

My friend Yra sent me a better pic of the poster from this gig in Linköping 1983. Thanks alot.

Interview from Skvaller # 1

This is a real cool one. The first fanzine interview ever with Anti Cimex. Really fun to see some pics from that era when Nillen took care of the vocal part. The interview is from Skvaller # 1 and are answered by Nillen, Charlie and Jonsson. Again a big hug to Nillen for scans.

fredag 22 augusti 2014

Interview from Sörja # 2

This interview is from a fanzine called Sörja, issue number 2, from 1983. I don't who have answered this one. Big hugs to Nillen for scanning this and the previous interview. 

Interview from DP #4/5

Interview from the fanzine DP #4/5 from 1982 made by Patrik Jonsson who have the label Really Fast Rec. Answers from Jonsson.

onsdag 20 augusti 2014

Rockers , Gothenburg 30/1 1982

A poster from a gig at Rockers Club, Gothenburg in 1982. There is a review of the gig to read in swedish here. And an English translation made by Tony here.

The so called Demos...

How nice it would have been if the a2o clowns have had access to the actual titles of the different recordings instead of using poor wrong tagged mp3 files for their "Demos 81-85" record...