My own collection

My own collection

tisdag 25 november 2014

Splittape with Skitslickers # 2

Last summer I did a post about a bootleg splitcassette with Skitslickers , and here is one more for your enjoyment. No labelinfo whatsoever or when it's released. Both tapes have exactly the same songs on. The 3 first 7'' and the Absolut Country... LP. But as I said, no info at all about when or where it's from.

söndag 16 november 2014

Leamington Spa 3 July 86 Tape

A livetape from the U.K tour in 86, this one is from the Leamington Spa gig. A bootleg of course, and I haven't seen before it appeared on eBay a couple of weeks ago.

lördag 15 november 2014

Interview from SIF # 2

Yet another interview answered by Jocke. This one is from late 83 I think, taken from the zine SIF # 2. This one is also sent to me by Ia Hammar. I can't thank you enough Ia, keep 'em coming ;-)

torsdag 13 november 2014

Interview from No Government # 2

An interview from the Swedish zine No Government # 2 from 1983, answered by Jocke. 
Thanks Ia Hammar.

söndag 9 november 2014

Interview from Pest #?

An interview from the Swedish zine Pest. Don't know which number or who answered it. But my guess is that it's from the secod half of 1983. The scans are done by the very kind Ia Hammar.

söndag 2 november 2014

Warmachine 81-83 Tape

Got this one sent to me a couple of days ago. The first 3 ep's on one cassette. No idea when or where it's released. Probably a bootleg, or maybe a promotape sent out by Bodenmalm or Jonsson back in the days. I will do some research on this one and come back when i know more. But my guess is that it is a bootleg.