My own collection

My own collection

torsdag 4 juli 2013

Bootleg Records

Anarkist Attack / Shitlickers - Split 7'' (No label)

Raw Live 84-86 CD (Hardcore Horror Records)

Smell of silence LP (Bullshit Rec 2004)

Gainkiller LP (No label 2004)

No straight edge years 1981-1986 CD (No label 2006)
Those records mentioned above are 100% bootlegs. I have chosed not to include the a2o releases here since I'm not quite sure about them, as I have said before it depends on who you are asking. I have also chosen not to include Bodenmalms "Swedish punk" sleevevariaton of the Raped Ass 7'' regarding the facts that it's only like 5 copies existing. Compilations and tapes are also excluded, but you can find some of them in other posts.

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  1. Anarkist Attack / Shitlickers - Split 7'' was released by Otto Itkonen (Selfish, Forca Macabre etc)