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måndag 31 mars 2014

Interview from Sodanuhka Zine # 3

An interview from Sodanukha zine # 3 made by Paul "Pore" Vahala who played in Nisses Nötter / The Nuts. In Finnish but there's a translation made by Ukko Iiris below this text. so don't blame me if it looks weird ;-) Thanks to Yra who sent it to me. Answered by Charlie late 84/early 85

I send letter to Anti-Cimex singer but got answer from the drummer. Who had answered to my letter interview. This is what he write about. Su= sodanuhka/ questions. Charlie = answers 1. SU: how is your band doing now ? C: yea, thank you just allright. 2. SU: has your EP (victims of bomb raid) sold well? C: it has been selling very well, just now it has been sold something like 1300 pieces. 3. SU: do you have new songs? with what name? C: we have a lot of new songs, what they are you’ll see when our next record comes out. 4. SU: what does ANTI CIMEX mean? C: Anti cimex means insect, about, it is latin, we helped each other with the name. 5. SU: who makes the songs+ song lyrics? C: songs Jocker & Conrad makes, lyrics Jonsson & Charlie (me) makes 6 .SU: how many gigs have you done? C: something like 30 7. SU: where you got influence? C: just now from nowhere, but when we started I suppose it was Discharge, disorder, chaos uk, black Sabbath 8. SU: Will you have any gigs? C: We have gigs every now and then, now for example. (February) we are going to Vaasa (Suomi) and play there 9. SU: What will happen in future? C: we will make one LP NOW AND I SUPPOSE THEN WE ARE GOING TO EUROPE TOUR. 10. Where are you rehearsing? C: nowhere right now. 11. SU: what are you against of? C: Nazis, cops and this fucking system that borns that kind of pignecks, and so on. 12 SU: what your songs tell about ? C: they tell about system and how idiotic war is. 13 SU: when and how was this band formed ? C: in September 81, Jock, Jonsson and Nillen was playing in a band called Bohman Brinner, then they kicked out the drummer and I came along and then we changed the name. 14. SU: what you think about religions? C: it’s one of the most horrible things that exists, its just a big lie. 15. SU: what you think about politics? C: Same thing, just lies. 16. SU: how many songs do you have ? C: just now we have something like 15 songs that we play in gigs. 17. SU: do you get lots of post from abroad? C: we get letters from everywhere among England, Belgium, Holland, Italy, and Finland and so on. 18. SU: do you have anything else to say? C: nothing special at least. ((and then i cant see the rest of it..) Anti-Cimex interview by: PORE AND CHARLIE Anti-Cimex interview has gotten old little bit, band made 12” EP for English record company and that’s tough! Now days there is 5 members and new guy is Jean-Louis Huhta, Anti-Cimex will probably get new guitarist soon, and apparently he should be finnish ! Thanks: FOR CHARLIE & ANTI CIMEX

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