My own collection

My own collection

söndag 30 juni 2013

Comp Tape Appearances

Progeria Power ***

Svaveldioxid, Progeria Power ***

When The Innocent Die, Warmachine, Raped Ass, En död soldat, Wave of fear

Krigsmaskin, ???? (untitled)

Straight to hell, Wave of fear, Dead Struggle In A Burning Hell

En död soldat, Jordens undergång

When the innocent die 

Svaveldioxid, Heroindöd, Drömmusik, Anti Cimex 

Eibon ***

Victims of a bomb raid 

Progeria power

Victims of a bomb raid
When the innocent die, Krossa NRP, Total Silence, Eibon 
Another post that will be updated in time, since this isn't complete. But those were the ones that came up in my mind right now. The ones marked with *** is on my wantlist, so if you have them feel free to make me a copy :-) No needs to be the original tapes... Let me know. And also get in touch if you know of some tapes missing here.

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