My own collection

My own collection

fredag 28 juni 2013

The a2o releases

Demos 81-85 LP/CD

Fucked In Sweden LP (Made in Sweden + Fucked in Finland)

Scandinavian jawbreaker / Made in Sweden CD

Scandinavian Jawbreaker LP

The records 81-86 CD (3 first 7'' + the s/t 12'')

The records 81-86 LP (3 first 7'' + the s/t 12'')
In 2006/2007 a2o records released 4 Anti Cimex records. I don't think that those records are 100% official, but it depends on who you asks... Anyway, they are not very good looking and the tracklisting on the "Demos" record are a total fuckup. But I guess they can be good if you are new to the band and don't want to pay ridiculous amounts for the original pressings. And for collectorscums like me who wants it all...

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